Where to Find (and How to Use) Photos for Your Posts

free photo sites

As an expert blogging a book or blogging about your book, you know the importance of valuable content. Without it, your blog won’t succeed in today’s noisy world. However, the visuals you include with each blog post are almost as important as what you write about in that post. In fact, the photo or graphic […]

Use Photos to Enhance the Visual Appeal and Shares of Your Posts

Photos help improve blog posts

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 10 You can improve your blogged book quite easily by adding some sort of graphic to each and every post you write and publish. It’s not that difficult to do this, and it not only enhances the look of your posts, it also improves the visual appeal of your […]

What Do You Need to Complete Your Book?


As you get closer to beginning to blog your book, consider this question: What resources do you need to complete your book? The answer to this question completes the section of a book proposal actually called “Resources Needed to Complete the Book.” This section may not pertain to many blogged books. You, the blogger, may […]