Essential Plugins and Widgets for Blogs and Blogged Books

widgets and plugins for bloggers

A blog comes with the essentials. You might call these the basics—some widgets and plugins.  To make your blog run smoothly and efficiently with less work on your part, add plugins. If you are blogging a book, also  install specific plugins to help your visitors read the book. Plugins add features to your site […]

Six Steps to Take Before You Begin Blogging a Book

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Most writers simply begin writing the moment they come up with a book idea they feel is worth pursuing. However, it’s best to wait a moment…or a few moments…to focus and evaluate that idea. This helps your book have a chance of succeeding in the ever-more competitive book market. After all, no matter how you […]

Create a Table of Contents to Help Your Readers Navigate Your Book

How to blog a Book's TOC

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 12 It’s important to make it easy for those who visit your site to read your blogged book. Since the last post you write is the first one they will see when they visit your site, you want them to be able to find the beginning of your blogged […]

Planning Your Posts or Screen-Sized Content

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At this point in the planning process, you know what your book is about and you’ve outlined its features and benefits. You know who is going to read it and in which what markets you will promote it. You know the competition and how to differentiate your blogged book from other blogs and books on […]

How to Begin Blogging Your Book: Start with a Business Plan or Book Proposal (part 5)

business plan

Now that you have a pretty good sense about your book’s theme and what you want to write about, we are going to get serious. Really serious. Yesterday was just a taste of what’s to come… As I mentioned, everyone who wants to write a book—blogged or otherwise—needs to go through the proposal process. You […]